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Anderson is one of the more common surnames in Scotland and represented 1.5% of all birth names in Aberdeenshire between 1538 and 2009.

For some time we have been collecting data about births, marriages and deaths / burials and our objective is to share this by providing FREE family history information to fellow amateurs who are researching Andersons who were born, lived  or died in Aberdeenshire and other parts of North East Scotland including Kincardineshire, Morayshire and Banffshire.

Our databases hold literally thousands of records and our free "look up" service will involve reviewing those databases to see if we can supply you with any details about specific Andersons and their families. 

The Births, Marriages, Deaths and Burial sections of the site include examples of the type of data we hold and other sections cover background information and make reference to other sources that we have found useful such as Poll Book records.

In particular we have extracted a unique set of Monumental Inscription details for thousands of Andersons buried in North East Scotland.  

Please follow this link  to submit your query giving us as much information as you can to help us identify the "right" Anderson.

Needless to say we would also be pleased to receive additional Anderson data to add to our records and would welcome feedback about the study.


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