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Anderson Marriages

We have collected together marriage information from about three thousand Andersons whose marriages took place in the four counties of Aberdeenshire, Banffshire, Kincadineshire and Morayshire.

Currently this information is held in various formats dependant on the sources used. 

An example of one format of this data follows:

Husband:                            Wife:                     Marriage Date:

Anderson, Alexander       Barron, Helen                06 Oct 1833
Anderson, Alexander       Boddie, Mary                 30 Jan 1834
Anderson, Alexander       Bodie, Mary                   02 Feb 1834
Anderson, Alexander       Brander, Margaret         01 Jan 1794

Looking at this example is a reminder that sometimes the marriage is recorded twice.  This can happen where the husband and wife came from different parishes.  This of course can also lead to different spellings of names, as with Mary Boddie / Bodie above, as well as different dates. 

Another format includes details of the place of marriage as shown below:

Date              Place               Anderson                     Spouse

12/ 5 /1669     Peterhead     Margaret Anderson     Patrick Bowman
22/ 8/ 1670     Peterhead     Margaret Anderson     James Farquhar
17/ 3/ 1671     Peterhead     John Anderson           Geiles Smith
23/ 8/ 1683     Peterhead     Janet Anderson          William Ferguson
21/ 1 /1686     Peterhead     Isabell Anderson         Andrew Shewan
03/11/ 1686     Strichen       John Anderson            Hellen Fraser


It is intended to upload full versions in the future but in the meantime if you are looking for particular marriage  information we will try to provide it - IF WE HAVE IT!

To find out more please use the query form.



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